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  The author(Mark Zhong) speculates that The Fragrant Concubine i.e. Xiangfei must have born in poor family in Kashgar of Xinjiang in the year of 1745.It was said that the family was so poor that they usually depend on the most fragrant Chinese date flower

  And grinding Chinese date as food when she was born. One can not know if the reason of the Chinese date or the other causes that she had emitted the fragrant flavor when she was born. (What are strangest things in the world?).

  So she was called Yiparhan(Uigur means Fragrant Girl and Fragrant queen The girl who was famed because of flavor, had been married with the King named Hojizhan(a descendant of Apak-hoja) as concubine.

  The book named Yimideshi had been written by Molamusha,salami who was from Baicheng County in Xinjiang. Book said:During the final battle in the date of 7,11,1759 .Big,small Hojo had been totally defeated by Qin army. At date of the 7,28.The others killed them. It was said that the Yiparhan whose body emitted fragrant flavor, had been arrested in this battle,had sent to Beijing as well.

  Qianlong Emperor only like Chinese Jujube from Xinjiang. In 1765, in order to make Yiparhan favored, Qian long emperor gave an order and Chinese Jujube had been replanted in palace. In the same year, in history recordation that Wu Shen prefecture that 240 peoples who took responsibility to carry Chinese seeding which was planted in palace to Beijing, As the government did not pay for the salaries that people made famous uprising named the uprising of Wushi people.The Qianlong emperor gave the order to keep them down bitterly. The scale of this uprising was even more big than the one once happened last time to keep Big-small Hojo rebellion down. Millions of soldier of Qin and the people of Wushi were killed during this uprising. The death of the people was probably for her, for this, she had the idea of self destruction. (as she wanted to go back Xinjiang ,but she can not ,and she did not want people dead for her because there had already happened two times, and she did not want one more times,the author guess).Qianlong and Yiparhan went to Hangzhou together to visit in this year. Emperor wanted to possess her, Yiparhan took a knife out of sleeves for self-defence and other reasons, she would rather die than to be insulted, for she already had an idea of self-destruction. Queen who wanted to kill her immediately found out this thing. But Qianlong din not agree with this idea, therefore the Queen got so angry that she cut down her hair to offend the rules of Manchu intentionally. Therefore the Emperor Qianlong had ordered Queen to go back to Beijing. Before long, QianLong emperor and Yiparhan also had back to Beijing,shortly afterwards, Yiparhan hung herself. There was a letter in that said please take back my skeleton and the skeleton of my family to Xinjiang when she had come to a close. She was only at age of 20 only. The Queen also died at this time .since that time the Emperor had given up the position for queen any more.It might have been regarded that he was afraid of the power of the Queen for he did this. Because her most beloved girl who had done the self-destruction. After this Qianlong emperor had dispatched 124 persons to carry the skeleton of Yiparhan and the skeleton of her family back to Xinjiang. Sudaixiang Arrived in Kashgar in the year of 1770. Yiparhan had been buried in Apak Hojo mausoleum, because Yiparhan's moral charactor is too far behind to catch up with Apak Hojo.in addition to this, she has good reputation. so some peoples called Apak Hojo mausoleum as Yiparhan mausoleum

  In 1780. QianLong emperor ordered to repair Apahezhuo mausoleum.

  In 1876, A lot of money had been used to expand Apahezhuo mausoleum, and It reached the scale same as today. It covers area about 30 a unit of area of cemetery. Frontispiece face south. Entering it is huge and oblong courtyard. And it consists of door floor small mosque, big mosque & sermon hall & indoor tomb & outdoor tomb and pool, seven sectors.

  In 1892, Yiparhan had died for over hundred years. But her repution increases. This can be confirmed by "Fragrant concubine temple " poem and poem pour in XiaoXiong's WEST FIELD MIXED RELATE POEM. Fragrant poem and poem pour-original text etc .

  "Temple looks towering and water reel porch

  One after another chaperons pays themselves respect to Fragrant girl

  Exposes honest tears and hold gold lock in both hand

Secret pray in heart, desire not repay ".

  Fragrant concubine temple is four or five Li away from Kashgar City. The shape of Temple is quadrate. Cover with green porcelain tile at the top. hollow in its middle. The top is roundness. and without image found only tomb. There was Arbor shade around it. Using water as a dyke which Around it can be used as mirror, At that time, Bidcrime woman(namely Uigur woman , Zhongling note , next same),There is Xinkai Bazzar in front of temple namely Barzarr , It means market : There is Barzar on Friday , Friday is male Muslim who attend service once a week, woman is take the chance to open barzar )for Jollification ,Barzar , means market where people from town and city can buy or sell goods , because all dealer is woman , the people call it Yin Barzar . At third day of the Barzar(Sunday) , seven days can be considered as deadline. It seem as mans market(Namely Yang Barzarr).

  Fragrant concubine,was born in Kashgar during QianLong ,There was fragrant flavor in her body. Character of her is good and honest.She love her mother , had been buried with mother ,afterwards ( Yiparhan was buried at Apakehe mausoleum) (The Dua of the tomb contain with information ) very spritualism and different , as wives wanted to have children( if wanted to have a boy , so hung up black white or blueness list on the window , if wanted to have a girl , so hung up red or flower list) , when women choose husband or couple do not get along with each other that they all pray at the date of Barzar(Friday), this custom do not use aromatic candle sacrifice, but took door lock in their hands , cry as loud as they could with feelings, and take the Pure Land that is near the temple(namely Dua) ,one can use water to mix and drink it by means of a little of them, it has good effects .

  As one can know XiaoXiong's recordation, at that time the female especially adore Yiparhan. She is "Saint girl "in their heart, so the name of Yiparhan is translated it as "Fragrant girl "in Chinese. and Apake hojo tomb was called "Fragrant girl Tomb ".

  In 1911, XinHai revolution bursted out. It was probably under the influence of revolution and Emperor had stepped down THE POLITICAL STAGE. The people's ideas had begun change. The adoration for Yiparhan tomb was getting down. Consequently most of peoples did not regarded " Yiparhan " as "Holly girl ", and even dared to bring up against imperial concubine, Therefore Yiarhan tomb was called "Imperial concubine Tomb. or " Fragrant concubine Tomb ", so the concept of Fragrant concubine " have two meaning. Not only mean "the concubine of emperor named Huo jizhan's , but also means the concubine of Qianlong named Hongli , but two name of them have no allegoric spiritualism.

  In 1929 ,One tomb had collapsed itself in the yard of Qin dong Tomb of the Malan vally in Zunhua county Heibei province. On the position of the board, have the Arabic characters receiving the name of the most merciful Allah

  There have "Fenzhicideala of fame "of Arabia characters on board had been studied, as well as skeleton and literature, at last archeologist and Historian finally confirmed that this tomb is the Uigur Imperial Concubine Rong concubine in the book named QINJINGGUOHUOJIZHUAN. It is pity that some people made mistake to regard Rong concubine as Fragrant concubine.so they got wrong conclusion that the tomb is not in Kashgar, so Yiparhan tomb also called "Apak,Hojo tomb "or "Apak Hojo tomb ". As one should know the Rong concubine had been living in Qin palace for over 28 years. No one called her Fragrant concubine. The book had many recordation about her, but none of the word concerned with Fragrant ,she might be not Fragrant concubine

  The original name of Rong concubine is Maimur.Azum who was born in rich family in Xinjiang Shache. 4 . She is Apak Hojo cousin-geman's posterity. She misses of rich family. Her father is Parsa's elder brother Ali Hojo. After Ali Hojo died early, her elder brother named Turdur adopted her.

  In 1759 , Qi dynasty commend eseyi parsa Maute and Turdu etc ,for putting downut down the rebellion of "Big-small-Hezhuo "in the year of 1759. During the banquet,for Keseyi familly that had good record in putting down rebellion and were called by QianLong Emperor. The family made big ceremony when they were called according to legend.

  In 1763 , Maimure .Azum promoted as Concubine .

  In 1768, Maimure .Azum was again promoted as "Rong concubine ".

  On 5,24 .1788, she died of illness in Beijing. As a royal member she had been buried in Qindong Tomb in Malan Valley of Zunha county in Hebei province at the age of 54. she had been living in palace for 28 years. She brought the Mum Music of Uigur and Sari dance into the palace, it was called for. and very popularly in the palace, It have definite action for the west region and Central plain music Dance art, can be further amalgamation and formed contemporary singing and dance for the country(when she were in Beijing a picture about her was dedicated to her).

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